Experimenting with Camelina Oil

summary: Have you tried Camelina Oil? It’s fine with bread but maybe not so fine in other things; (click on image to see larger views and more photos)

camelina oil We’ve been experimenting with different oils.

Last fall, at the same store where we bought the Sarafino olive oil, we stopped at a vendor’s display of Camelina Oil.

Camelina oil? What’s that?!

Camelina oil’s flavour can be described as earthy, nutty and natural. The oil best complements root vegetables and gamey meats including elk, bison, lamb and duck, but the possibilities and combinations are truly endless. The oil blends brilliantly with other flavours: bonding with other flavours rather than losing its own unique characteristics or overpowering other ingredients. […] Camelina’s versatility is also reflected in its ability to hold up in the cold, ensuring that your marinades don’t congeal in the fridge, as well as the heat, with a smoke point of 475°F!

Three Farmers Camelina Oil | Recipes & More (threefarmers.ca)

To me, Camelina oil tastes quite grassy – with a hint of mustard and maybe a little mud mixed in. I confess that I don’t love it. But T does. And he decided that he wanted to try making ice cream with it.

Yes, you heard me right. Ice cream.

Ice cream???

How did he get such an idea? It’s because we had tried ice cream drizzled with Sarafino olive oil. Once again, I thought it was an interesting thing to try but not something I’d be likely to have again.

T loved it… :lalala:

Using the maxim “if some is good, more must be better”, just before Christmas, he made a giant batch of “sweet cream” ice cream adding a splash of Camelina oil to the mixture.

And he thought we could serve it with mincemeat and ginger shortbread. To unsuspecting guests.

Luckily, we did a taste test first.

You can see what my face looked like, can’t you? I tried to keep my nose and mouth straight; I really did. I couldn’t stop my face from squinching up. Even now, remembering the ordeal it, I can’t stop my face from squinching up.

It didn’t taste that bad actually. But really. I’m NOT going to serve sweet, smooth frozen library paste – with a hint of slightly mustardy clay flavour – along side our fabulous mincemeat and equally fabulous ginger shortbread. No. I won’t.

Poor T was destined to finish all the ice cream himself. I have no idea why he made so much of this experimental flavour! He finally served the last bowl a couple of nights ago. Apparently it was improved by being mixed with a LOT of cocoa powder….

Now. If T had used olive oil in ice cream, I might not cringe quite so much. Here are some likely looking recipes:


Great News! The report has come in that ALL the Camelina Oil Ice Cream has been eaten. At last there is room in the freezer for some real food. :-)



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