Almost Wordless Not-Wednesday: Orange Appeal Salad Dressing

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orange salad dressing

summary: Jamie Schler hits the mark again; Orange Appeal recipes are terrific; great salad dressing; we need more hummus…; rice vinegar works in place of white wine vinegar; saucisson de Savoie with hazelnuts; an almost-Wordless Not-Wednesday post

We didn’t have any blood oranges but we DID have some decent Cara Caras. We also had some beautiful hummus that T made that morning. So, for our lunch that day, we finally made the blood orange hummus vinaigrette on page 41 to go onto Romaine lettuce salad.

I’m absolutely crazy about this dressing and toss it into salads, drizzle it on grilled fresh radicchio, treviso, romaine hearts, or sucrine and orange wedges, serve it with grilled shrimp, or use it for chicken salad.
– Jamie Schler, ‘Blood Orange Hummus Vinaigrette, Orange Appeal, p. 41

This salad dressing is fabulous on Romaine lettuce. Toasted bread crumbs and thin thin thin slices of Saucisson de Savoie made the salad perfect. No wonder Jamie is “absolutely crazy” about the dressing!

Salad Dressing

Why oh why did we wait so long to try this excellent salad dressing?! Thank you, once again, Jamie!

Orange Appeal: Savory and Sweet Orange Appeal: Savory and Sweet
by Jamie Schler with photos by Ilva Beretta

Add a little sunshine to every meal with these sweet and savory recipes. – Gibbs Smith Publishing

Jamie Schler offers a collection of sophisticated and sunny recipes using the most versatile of citrus fruits, the orange, in this beautifully photographed [by Ilva Beretta] cookbook. She incorporates the juice, zest, and fruit from many varieties of oranges as well as flavorings, extracts, and liqueurs.
Schler’s sauces, soups, salads, sides, main dishes, breads, and sweets embody the essence of orange and empress diners with recipes such as Orange Fig Sauce, Orange Braised Belgian Endive with Caramelized Onions and Bacon, Beef in Bourbon Sauce, Glazed Apple and Orange Braid, and Chocolate Orange Marmalade Brownies.
Gibbs Smith Publishing


orange salad dressing



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