Photo-less not-Friday: The peaches LOOKED good….

summary: Sorauren Farmers’ Market; mealy peaches; rescuing substandard fruit rather than composting it; an entry for Photo-less Fridays;

We’re hopping mad.

On Monday, we masked up and headed to our weekly farmers’ market to get eggs. While we were there, we were distracted by the most lovely looking peaches. And we thought, “let’s have one last hurrah with peaches.”

Why not?

Well. Here’s why:

  1. When wearing a mask, one cannot give the peaches a sniff.
  2. When it’s a little chilly outside after weeks of searing humid heat (can humid heat be searing??), even if we weren’t wearing masks, we wouldn’t be able to smell the peaches.
  3. During these unprecedented times, one cannot touch or taste a sample.
  4. There is no way to tell whether the peaches are dull, mealy and tasteless.

When we got home and took the peaches out of the basket, they were cold. We let them sit on the counter under a lace umbrella overnight. Yesterday, they smelled like peaches. That wonderful intoxicating peachy aroma wafting through the room. But they were just a little bit hard. We waited one more day.

This afternoon while I was in a Zoom meeting, T tried one: Mealy! Taste-free!

After the meeting was over, we tried another one. Because the first one must have been an aberration. But no: Mealy! Taste-free!

Shame on the farmers’ market vendors for selling substandard peaches at premium prices!!

And. So much for the amazing peaches in puff pastry we were going to have tonight!

Enter the internet. It appears that others have had similar experiences:

  • MyRecipes | 6 Delicious Ways to Use Up Mealy, Not-Great Peaches Meh peaches aren’t good for snacking but still have a place in your kitchen. – Darcy Lenz
  • @kitchn | How Can I Make My Sad, Flavorless Peaches Taste Amazing? Sad peaches are so very disappointing. – Emma Christensen
  • HiveQueen | How to salvage mealy peaches… Mealy, bland peaches are disappointing. Peaches that are organic, in season, grown by a well-respected regional grower, locally purchased, beautiful and delicious-smelling, which then turn out to be mealy and bland, are just wrong. – Claire
  • Slow Food Fast | Why All the Mealy Peaches? Why all these @#$*Q#R&*@F….etc. etc…. mealy peaches at the height of summer in the first place? […] Crummy peaches are back in stock this year […] Return [them] right away […] and make sure to ask for a refund, not an exchange. That way they’ll know. – DebbieN

If we could, we would follow DebbieN’s advice and return the peaches. But we cannot wait until next Monday, can we? (We will, however, be sure NEVER to buy fruit from that vendor again. What a shame that they won’t know why we are not returning….)

Initially, we were going to toss them in a rage into the compost bin. Then, instead, we calmed ourselves a little and decided that we could spare a little sugar and are in the process of making a compote with them.

I’m happy to report that the peaches are edible.

Just. :stomp: :stomp:

Actually, I’ve lied. They’re more than edible. And they look lovely too. (No, still no photo. I’m too lazy to get the camera.) They’ll be quite delicious with yoghurt for breakfast tomorrow.


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