smoked penne and cheese (PPN #184)

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Smoked Pasta When we reported about smoking chicken and pork on the barbecue, Katie (Thyme for Cooking) asked if we had tried her smoked pasta.

As soon as we saw the recipe, we knew we neeeeeeded to try it. And we were right to try it. The only mistake we made was to wait so long. And to only make one casserole dish worth.

Yes, indeed. Macaroni and cheese will never be the same….

I confess that we didn’t follow Katie’s recipe exactly. We (ha!! Of course, I mean “he” – I just watched) made cheese sauce starting with a bechamel made with milk infused with onion and fresh bay leaf. Then three kinds of cheese were added: mostly cheddar, a little gouda and a little creamy goat’s cheese. And a splash of Kirschwasser, as per Katie’s recipe. The penne were cooked to just al dente. Everything went into a buttered pyrex casserole dish and into the barbecue it went to be indirectly smoked until it was golden brown.

Katie says to use an old metal pan or disposable aluminum roasting pan because a good casserole dish will get too smokey and grimey and be no good for anything but the barbecue. But we don’t have any old metal pans and I simply refuse to buy a disposable aluminum roasting pan. I cannot bear the idea of it being sent into landfill. (I just don’t believe that it will be recycled.)

However, I had absolutely no difficulty cleaning our pyrex dish after leaving it to soak overnight and then scrubbing it inside and out with baking soda and a tiny bit of elbow grease for the corners.

Smoked Pasta But really. Who cares about what happens to the casserole dish once the pasta is done and the dish is being brought back into the kitchen?

The aroma!! The flavour!!! Katie said it all:

Have you tried my smoked pasta? It’s the best thing since…. well, ever!

-Katie, Thyme for Cooking

Quick!! Go out and get some wood chips and fire up the barbecue. You too neeeeeeed to try this.

While this isn’t exactly a “presto” sort of pasta because of the smoking time, if you make lots (and you really should) then it can be reheated on one of the nights that you need dinner ready in lickety split time.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that smoked pasta will be featured on PPN. Katie submitted it during the first year of PPN, in July 2007 (Presto Pasta Night Roundup #19).

We served our smoked pasta with a mound of steamed broccoli. Meat?!! Who needs meat when there’s smoked pasta with three kinds of cheese?

Presto Pasta Nights - every FridayPresto Pasta Nights #184
Ruth (Once Upon a Feast) created this lovely event for people to share their favourite pasta dishes. Jennifer (Cook, Eat, Play, Repeat) is hosting this week.

For complete details on how to participate in Presto Pasta Nights (PPN), please read the following:


edit 8 October 2010: Jennifer has posted the PPN #184 roundup. Put your bib on and take a look at all those wonderful dishes of pasta:


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2 responses to “smoked penne and cheese (PPN #184)

  1. Claudia

    And, you have to love her story about La Taupe. My brother-in-law has a system for gophers similar to that kid’s.

    This recipe would be perfect accompaniment for all the BBQ meats.

  2. katie

    So glad you liked it – told you…… (even though you changed it…just need the cheese to get smokey)

    We LOVED it, Katie. So much that we’re annoyed that it’s getting cold so it looks like we’ll have to wait til next summer before we can have it again. – Elizabeth


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