Cardamom Bread for Easter

summary: braided loaf for Easter feast of ham, beet salad, green beans, scalloped potatoes, parsnips and cherries jubilee (recipe for sweet cardamom bread) (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

Easter feast (MEF April 2009) I believe I already mentioned that we loved Julie J’s Finnish cardamom bread so much that I decided to make them for Easter instead of traditional Hot Cross buns. (Please read how I put the cross on the buns here.)

Because the buns reminded me of Parker House rolls, I decided we neeeeeeded to have them for Easter dinner. I was going to make rolls but T loves braided loaves and made a special request for it. So a braided loaf it was for Easter dinner. For us to break apart rather than cut. It tastes better that way! It really does.

I love the way that you can see the structure of the crumb. I always feel that slicing the bread seems to dull the flavour. Besides, breaking the bread makes it so the butter has places to hide so that not all of it melts at once.

Easter feast (MEF April 2009) So often, in the frenzy immediately before dinner, I don’t remember to keep the camera out as we’re serving. But luckily for us, our brother-in-law did remember and took photos as our feast was being served (Baked ham, scalloped potatoes, roasted parsnips, steamed green beans, beet salad, sweet cardamom bread, two kinds of mustard and Inniskillin shiraz).

Naturally, to go with the ham, T mixed up a batch of his wonderful grainy mustard. It’s hot and intense. I absolutely adore it. For contrast, we opened a jar of “Moutarde de moüt de raisin” given to us for Christmas. It is more like fruit preserves than mustard and but does have a lovely hint of mustard in its flavour. And the colour is beautiful! A deep burgundy making the mustard look almost like very fine roe.

We were particularly pleased about the parsnips. We weren’t absolutely certain that everyone would like parsnips and had some julienned carrots on hand just in case. Before dinner was served, one former parsnip loather (I used to be a parsnip loather too) tasted a roasted parsnip that had just come out of the oven. Swoon!!!

Consequently, we ate the julienned carrots raw, as an appetizer with olives, a little dish of black bean dip and rice crackers….

(The parsnips were julienned, drizzled with olive oil and then baked in the oven – watch them though!! They’ll burn!)

From beginning to end, the whole dinner was stellar! The perfect Easter Feast!

Cherries Jubilee (April 2009)


But of course!!

And what a dessert: Cherries Jubilee with homemade ice cream and the most amazing brownies! Remind me to tell you all about it!

(Taking pictures of blue flames is VERY tricky. Of course, the flash has to be turned off. I’m amazed that I managed to hold still enough so that there isn’t too much blur!)


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