Event announcement: WTSIM… Sauce! (#7)

Event announcement: WTSIM… Sauce! (#7)

Jeanne (Cook Sister!), Johanna The Passionate Cook and Andrew (Spittoon Extra) are the creators of this blogging event taking place each month in 2007. WTSIM… #7 is hosted by Andrew. He wrote the following:

So, [S]tand by your saucepans… the next theme for Waiter is – Sauces!

A wide open theme I hope you agree. Plenty of room for experimentation, family favourites and the tried and tested. […] What can you come up with?

One thing to consider though is that we don’t want ‘gravy’ and we certainly do not want ‘marinades’! Heavens-to-Betsy no! It is sauces all the way for this months Waiter There Is Something In My… event.

[Entries for WTSIM… Sauce! are due 25 31 July 2007.]

For complete details on how to participate, please go to:

  • Spittoon Extra WTSIM… sauce! (#7) spittoonextra.biz/waiter_theres_something_in_my_8.html