Happy Boxing Day!

We had the most brilliant dinner last night – the usual with all the trimmings. This morning is a leisurely one. All we’ve done so far is make coffee and get the stock started, using up the left over julienned vegetables for last night’s red pepper pate dish and the carcasses of two chickens. (I don’t really like turkey, so we always roast chickens. And it works out quite well because there are more drumsticks!)

And today, we get to have another of my favourites! Chicken sandwiches with dressing, cranberry sauce, fresh parsley and potato chips. Ooooh, too bad we don’t have any of Mom’s left over salad in a simple vinaigrette to put into my sandwich. There is nothing more wonderful! (I’ve never understood why people make “ewww” noises as I put the salad into my sandwich. I mean really, have they tried it?? Hmmm??? It’s fantastic!!)

Merry Christmas to all! Hope yours has been and will continue as brightly as ours.

We must have been very very good this year! Santa gave us a digital camera (!) As soon as I learn how to use it, I’ll try to remember to take photos so this blog can be illustrated. There IS a photo (I think) of the linzertorte in the camera… now if I can just figure out how to transfer it.

4 responses to “Happy Boxing Day!

  1. A sister

    Mmm! Your dinner sounds lovely. I’ve used your cranberry sauce recipe. Instead of water, I used orange juice and reduce the sugar by half. Pretty good!

  2. MrsBrown

    I like to put left over cooked vegetables in my turkey/dressing/potato chip sandwiches. It’s never occurred to me to put leftover salad in my sammies. Hmmm

  3. bing

    One of the all-time great sandwiches in my memory was one I bought at a sandwich bar in London – it had slices of roast turkey (dark meat) and vinaigrette cole slaw. I don’t recall the type of bread. It was simple and monumentally delicious.

    But I bet it would have been even better with a few potato chips in it! I find that it’s the idea of potato chips in sandwiches that shock people the most. It seems an obvious choice to me – crunch AND saltiness – what could be a better addition to a sammie!

    Left over cooked vegetables … hmm … the vegetables would be cold, right? Brrrr – cold cooked vegetables.

  4. ejm Post author

    Yes, what about these left over cooked vegetables? I hope you’re not talking about mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, squash, or peas (worst case scenario)! The idea of left over cooked vegetables – unless they are along the lines of roasted red peppers – is pretty horrible to me. Way to ruin a sandwich!

    edit: I just thought of an even worse worst case scenario for the left over vegetables in a sandwich: brussels sprouts….

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