Hey!! What’s the big idea?

It’s the middle of March, for Heaven’s sake! Snow?? Again? This is wrong wrong wrong. I’m afraid that my ability to notice its beauty is diminishing. I don’t want to be seeing snow on the ground now. Snowdrops, yes. But not snow. No. No. No. It’s almost the official first day of spring!

I may have to think seriously about entering Moira’s contest based on comfort food. But the trouble is choosing one. Just about ALL food is comfort food for me. And how can I choose a favourite? Will the other comfort foods get upset because they haven’t been chosen? And if that is the case, will they suddenly decide to elude me and burn themselves? Or purposely curdle? The very idea of my comfort food refusing to offer comfort is just too much to bear on top of the horror of seeing more snow in March. Clearly, very careful contemplation is in order here. I’ll get back to you.

In the meantime, I’m going to go and make some toast. With butter. And honey. And maybe some tea. And then I’m going back to hide under the covers. Let me know when spring is really here.

2 responses to “Hey!! What’s the big idea?

  1. Barbara

    Hehe, I just noticed you have this filed under “Whine”.

    It’s getting me down too; when it got warm for a bit in January, in my heart of hearts I believed that winter was over. In my mind of minds, of course, I knew it wasn’t, but still.

  2. ejm

    I’m glad it was noticed. I really wish that I could take credit for the nice play on words. But I stole the idea of the name from Kate’s blogname: whinetasting.com.

    I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe winter might be over after all. Last night, even though there was ice and snow everywhere, it smelled like spring.

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