Lawn Sale Find: Stainless Steel Kettle

summary: new (to us) kettle; why macrame should make a comeback; tea cups; morning tea; (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

kettle I start every morning with a cup of tea. Sometimes it’s green tea; sometimes it’s jamaica; sometimes, it’s just a piece of ginger in a mug of just boiled water; sometimes, it’s a slice of lemon. And sometimes, it’s simply plain hot water (are you scoffing? Try it. It’s wonderful).

For years, we have been using a hardware store stovetop kettle to boil the water. After the blackout of August 2003, when the red plastic button was damaged by boiling water on the barbecue, we swore we’d replace the kettle. The button used to be a very jolly red. Amazingly, in spite of being melted, the button still works. But it really is rather an unfortunate colour 1.

This year has been a good one for lawn sales. (Our $2 juicer is working fabulously). And early in June, as we were taking a Saturday morning bike ride, just when we weren’t looking at all, at long last, we saw the perfect kettle at a lawn sale. And we paid top dollar: $10.

kettle We decided that it would be a good idea to always have the lid and whistle attached. I rummaged through the fabric scraps bag to see what was there. I was SURE I had some cord left over from the last mandolin bag 2 I made. But no. All I could find was red embroidery thread.

And T, being T, wove embroidery thread to make the rope. Yes, that’s right. T knows how to macrame. How did he learn to do this?? He wanted to learn how to make slingshots… (no idea why. Perhaps he thinks Goliath is moving into the neighbourhood and wants to be prepared). But how handy is this skill now?! Silly me for mocking him earlier.

Lately, I’ve been making a small pot of green tea with jasmine. Which sounds a little mundane when it’s said that way. The first time I tried this combination was when my sister-in-law gave me some lovely Japanese tea cups and a bag of jasmine flowers/green tea called “Verandah in the Clouds”. I LOVE both the cups (I should take a photo of them, shouldn’t I??) and the tea.

tea cup But the tea cups I’m favouring these days are cups given to me by my mother. I love these cups too. I can never decide which of Mum’s tea cups I like better. But whichever one I choose, the tea really does taste better than if it’s served in any old mug.

Alas, the “verandah in the clouds” ran out. Happily, another sister-in-law gave us a tin of jasmine/green tea called “moonlight on the grove”. Almost as romantic… but now that tin is empty too. We were forced to go to Chinatown and get plain old “green tea with jasmine flowers”.

Luckily, once the new tea is made, I can easily pretend I have a cup of “verandah in the clouds” or “moonlight on the grove” in front of me. :-)

A Mandolin Bag is easy to make

mandolin To make our mandolin bag, I used some more of the left-over fabric from a pair of T’s favourite Pakistani trousers (pattern here). We were so pleased with our mandolin and bag that we cloned the bag to include with a mandolin we gave as a wedding present last summer.

And speaking of mandolins, remind me to rave about the mandolined Indian-style turnips we had last weekend.


kettle We couldn’t bear to throw our old friend away though. We have put it with the camping gear. Won’t our tenting neighbours be pleased to hear that happy whistling early in the morning. :whoohoo:

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1 response to “Lawn Sale Find: Stainless Steel Kettle

  1. katie

    I’m not even sure I could find a stove top kettle here…. They are all electric, and, I have to say I am an absolute convert. The water boils in no time at all. At the moment, my ‘interesting’ teas are Jasmine Pearls (white tea) and Peachy Oolong. I drink a lot of green teas in winter, but, for more years than I care to divulge we’ve had an afternoon tea habit – sort of. We finish our days work around 7pm, get cleaned up, put the kettle on and sit with a cup of tea (or 3) and watch whatever programs on the telly we thought interesting enough to record the day before. Never watch live TV. That lasts until 9pm when I feed the doggies and start dinner – or in summer go out to the garden and pick dinner, then start dinner. What creatures of habit we are….

    edit 11 July 11:26EDT: If we had counterspace, we would probably get an electric kettle too, Katie. Because, you’re right. It IS faster to boil water in an electric kettle. And yes!! NEVER watch live TV. The ads are way too frequent. We’ve been watching the Tour de France – recording the live broadcast in the morning and carefully avoiding hearing sports news until we can watch that day’s stage. We cannot believe the number of ads and think that we are removing fully 1/3. -Elizabeth


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