say it with brownies!!

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brownies Thursday before last, the harddrive on my computer died. It was oh so sad. Not really unexpected and yet, it still managed to take me by surprise. A new hard drive was installed early last week and I’m STILL re-installing programs and pulling in whatever I did have backed up. I suppose one could say that not a tremendous amount of important things was lost – just some family photos, email, email addresses, bookmarks… (*cough* …have YOU backed up your files lately?)

And so last Tuesday, for consolation (actually, it was because of a special request from my Valentine), I made Brownies Cockaigne from The Joy of Cooking. It’s by far the best brownie recipe I’ve come across. I gather the secret is in using room temperature ingredients. The second secret is in slathering on too much chocolate icing.

Instead of the cup of chopped nuts called for in the recipe, I added ½ c of Thompson raisins. And I have to say, raisins in brownies ARE better than the pecans I used to put into brownies! Raisins get wonderfully chewy when they’re baked.

who do they think they're fooling?? There is only one error on the brownie recipe. They are quite wrong about the number of brownies it produces. But other than that, it is stellar. Really, I can’t understand why anyone bothers with cake when brownies are SO much better.

hearts Happy Valentine’s Day!


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5 responses to “say it with brownies!!

  1. Kalyn

    Sorry to hear about the hard drive. I’m sure the cheese sandwich fun will be going on for a few days. If you feel like having a cheese sandwich (for lunch) send me the link and I’ll add you to the roundup I am writing.

  2. Ivonne

    These are lovely! I am a brownie fiend and I am always looking for new recipes to try. Is this recipe in the revised Joy of Cooking? I have that one and consult it at least once a week. It is such an excellent reference when cooking.

    I loved your pictures of the brownie-making process … especially the hearts at the end. Love and brownies … meant to go together!

  3. MrsBrown

    mmmmmm, brownies!! Chocolate is a migraine waiting to happen for me but I love having it vicariously. Last week, while I was ironing (oh, dear, that makes it sound like I iron regularly but I don’t really), I was watching Emeril Lagasse’s cooking show as he made Chipotle Brownies. It seemed like a regular recipe for brownies but he added cinnamon and some ground up chipotle peppers. It looked fantastic and almost made me risk a migraine. Perhaps you could try it and let me have THAT vicariously. There was no icing which I thought was wrong but then, I don’t have a cooking show, do I?

  4. ejm Post author

    I have two versions of The Joy of Cooking, Ivonne. 1964 paperback and 1975 hardback. The brownies cockaigne in both are the same… and I hope the editors didn’t mess with the recipe in the latest version! (I know they made significant changes to many recipes)

    That certainly is tempting, MrsBrown. But these brownies are perfect. And I’m a firm believer in “if it aint broke don’t fix it”. Although… the idea of the chipotles in brownies is very very tempting. Maybe if they were iced. (If I had a cooking show, I’d ice brownies!)

    Kaylyn, I do love cheese sandwiches… I’ll let you know if I manage to get together a post about one – although, I’m sure that according to the likes of Pete Wells (, all of my posts fall into the cheese sandwich category.

    edit 09:01EST: amazingly, I just finished writing a cheese sandwich post (!

  5. bing

    4 oz of chocolate – mmmmm. And the heart design in the icing is beautiful.

    I made brownies a couple of weeks ago, with a recipe that sounds very similar to yours. As I was pressing it into the pan, I thought “shouldn’t I be pouring this”? But I shrugged and put it in the oven thinking that they would be very fudgy. When I opened the oven 5 minutes early to check on them, I was horrified to find that the … thing … had drawn away from the sides of the pan and was surrounded by a yellowish foam. Screeeeeeeeeech!!!!

    After I lifted out the block of ‘brownie’, I thought “how bad could it be”, so I tasted a bit. Yow – no sugar!

    I had that experience once before in my youth, except that time we realized about the missing sugar _before_ baking. We were amazed that with the addition of the sugar, the block of dough relaxed into the runny consistency we were expecting (surprising that sugar seemed to act as a liquid). As I recall, that other time, the final result wasn’t very good.

    I’m happy to report that the second batch I made two weeks ago was brilliant. And I did put a nice thick layer of icing on.


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