So, how does $35 bread taste? (IMBB#11)

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So how does $35 taste? $35 bread???

(Augh I just messed up and mistakenly erased this post!! The following is a reconstruction as best as I can remember)

So how does $35 bread taste? I thought it wasn’t the best bread I’d made but the others liked it. And there was none left. The ravening hordes – perhaps there weren’t hordes; there were only five of us – ate it all with spinach salad followed by Mediterranean Chicken. (It turns out that I have misnamed the chicken. It SHOULD be called “Adriatic Chicken”. Maybe I’ll change that at some point….)

In fact we were concerned that there might not be enough bread so at the last minute, we slogged through the snow to get a loaf of “French baguette” from a local bakery that supplies many of the stores in the neighbourhood. That “French baguette” was terrible! Uniform holes, spongey texture, absolutely white crumb – give me $35 bread any day!

IMBB#11 - Beans I had hoped that I would get this blog together in time for IMBB #11 “Beans, beans, the musical fruit” hosted by Cathy at my little kitchen.

(Augh!! I just messed up and mistakenly erased my post. I’ve done my best to retrieve as much as I can!)

But alas no. I was thinking of having Refried beans casserole but got distracted. I suppose we could have considered making haricots blancs with tonight’s porkchops. We are having a side of pasta with them instead. But we’re having steamed green beans. Does that count??

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  1. Cathy

    ejm – both the refried bean casserole and the haricot blancs sound great – sorry you weren’t able to work the into your dinner the other night! I guess steamed green beans qualify, though! Thanks for participating – hope you can really join in with the next IMBB!

  2. ejm Post author

    Thanks, Cathy! I really am sad that I didn’t get it together to make a real bean dish. We absolutely love beans. We’re having lentil soup tonight. (sigh) What a blunder of mistiming! -ejm (aka llizard)

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