Summer Bread

I’m starting to understand summer and bread making. It’s much warmer in the kitchen than in the winter so it takes WAY less time for the dough to rise on the counter. (Duh…) Yesterday at about 16:30, we decided to have focaccia for dinner. In the winter time, our cold kitchen would make it out of the question for me to make focaccia that late in the day but yesterday it was no problem. It was brilliant with the barbecued pork butt, broccoli and ancho chili salsa.

Yes! We suddenly noticed several bins of dried chilies at a South American store in Kensington Market. We’re kicking ourselves because we know the store has been there for years. We got some anchos and chipotles to try. We can’t believe how wonderfully the ancho salsa turned out. Tonight we’re going to make it using the chipotle chilies and do a taste test with tonight’s fajitas.