Bread failure

I made two kinds of bread yesterday – sandwich and naan. I’m still trying to get a handle on how to make bread in the summer. I’ll begin with the bad news first. I had my first (in a long time) failure with the sandwich bread. As usual, I put the dough in the turned off oven to rise. It was unbelievable how hot the dough got as it rose! It became quite sticky too. The resulting bread will taste okay, I guess but it is a bit oddly shaped and somewhat bricklike.

The naan, however, turned out a little better. I let it rise on the counter so it didn’t get quite so hot. But it too was quite wet. (I really thought I had added more flour to account for the humidity.) The resulting bread was very very thin – almost cracker like. It puffed up wonderfully when it was baking and tasted brilliant with last night’s pork(!?!) Indian style curry.