sigh… cinnamon triangular line bread, anyone?

I just cut into a loaf of cinnamon swirl triangular line bread that I baked last night. Wah!! Rather than being beautifully defined and centered, the “swirl” is sitting hopeless near the bottom of the loaf in a sort of triangular shape. Yup, even though I denied it categorically at the time, I made the dough too slack….

(no photos yet; they’re still in the camera)

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1 response to “sigh… cinnamon triangular line bread, anyone?

  1. Susan from Food Blogga

    Just let me know if you need someone to eat the “hopeless swirl.” I can’t abide the thought of wasting sugary cinnamon swirl no matter the shape its in.

    That’s magnanimous of you, Susan! If we find that we just can’t bear to force the bread down, we’ll definitely take you up on your offer. :-) -ejm


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