snow snow snow – EoMEoTE#4

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! — Chicken Little

Last night 10cm of snow fell. The tree branches are covered in beautiful white. There is a thick blanket of snow completely covering the back garden. Snow is mounded up against the barbecue and completely covering the stone relief of grapes that is hanging on the fence. It’s draped all along the vines that line the top of the fence. It’s very pretty. But it’s just wrong. Make it stop.

Luckily, participating in the crossblog EoMEoTE#4 (hosted this month by Jeanne at cook sister) offers comfort. We had used our last egg on Sunday – very poor planning on my part, knowing that this event was close at hand! But, yesterday, we scrambled (ouch!!) out before the snow began to fall to lay (oooof!! sorry!) in provisions for the next couple of days.

Luckily, the EoMEoTE organizers are quite relaxed about their view of “end of the month”. In fact, from what I can gather, I may well be exactly on time (if not early) by posting on the 1st of March! Initially, I was going to go for the simplest approach – hard boiled eggs and buttered toast with a few slices of cheddar cheese. But when opening the fridge to get the eggs out, we noticed that there was a little bit of spinach and a few slices of bacon. Keeping things simple suddenly seemed inappropriate. We decided we would have a variation of Roast Potato, Cheese, Spinach Omelette.

The bacon slices went into the frying pan to cook. A half an onion was diced, the spinach roughly chopped and cheddar cheese grated. Once the bacon was cooked, it was removed from the pan, the fat was drained and then replaced with a little butter. In went the onions to caramelize. The bacon was chopped into bite-size pieces. Slices of sandwich bread went into the toaster. Because this is an extavaganza, we decided to use 4 eggs instead of our customary 3 for the omelette. Eggs broken and whisked. As soon as the onions were caramelized, the bacon and spinach went back in the pan and were stirred around a bit. Eggs into the pan. At the appropriate moment, the cheese was added and the omelette was folded over. Toast out of the toaster and buttered. Coffee poured. What a great lunch!

Now if we could just get someone to remove the snow….

Sorry, no photograph of this stunning omelette and equally beautiful toast. We still don’t have a camera! But it was beautiful. The emerald green of the spinach and reddish brown of bacon contrasted wonderfully with the soft yellow of the egg. Not to mention the golden toast.

edit 7 March, 2005: EoMEoTE#4 round up

2 responses to “snow snow snow – EoMEoTE#4

  1. Moira

    I don’t know that I really want you to get a camera!;-) Your dishes and meals are tempting enough without an accompanying photo driving me into the kitchen and making me hope I have all the ingredients to recreate whatever you’ve posted about.

    All joking aside, very nice EOMEOTE entry, Elizabeth…I make a frittata most Sunday mornings that’s no so very different.

  2. ejm Post author

    You really are too kind, Moira! And as for the photographs (or lack thereof) I probably would have forgotten to take a picture of the omelette because of being distracted by trying to capture the truly amazing snow formations in the back yard.

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