Wordless Not-Wednesday: Best Falafel Dinner Ever

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falafel dinner
falafel dinner

summary: best falafel dinner ever; many thanks again to Yasmin Khan for reminding us of the wonders of chickpeas, as well as her pickled avocados and her Persian beet/red cabbage/date salad; a Wordless Not-Wednesday post;

making falafels and tomato salad
falafel dinner
falafel dinner menu

Falafel Dinner Menu

  • falafel (from Anissa Helou’s recipe in her book “Mediterranean Street Food”)
  • flatbread baked on the barbecue (naan recipe made with olive oil instead of butter and shaped into rounds)
  • Persian red cabbage/beet/date salad (from Yasmin Khan’s recipe in her book “The Saffron Tales”)
  • tomato/onion salad
  • tahina
  • sambal oelek
  • pickled avocado (from Yasmin Khan’s recipe in her book “Zaitoun”)
  • radishes
  • mint/parsley/coriander leaf
  • yoghurt/mint/pomegranate (from Yasmin Khan’s recipe in her book “The Saffron Tales”)

naan/pita for falafel dinner

Zaitoun: Recipes from the Palestinian Kitchen by Yasmin Khan

Biting into a crisp, freshly made falafel can be a truly joyful experience. Make a batch of these once and you’ll never be able to eat the mealy, dry, shop-bought version again. They are incredibly easy to make and, after soaking the chickpeas overnight, the preparation time is so minimal that you can have them on your table in 20 minutes.
      One rule I must insist on, though: falafel must be eaten as soon as they are made, so have your accompaniments ready before you start frying. Set the table with flatbreads, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, tahini sauce or hummus, pickles and the hot pepper sauce of your choice. Falafel benefit from these, as they add brightness, texture and heat to each bite.
Chunky slices of tomatoes, onions, brined cucumber pickles and hot green chillies arrived, as well as a fiery red pepper sauce into which we tentatively dipped our crunchy falafel. My mouth was awakened by intense astringency and chilli heat, as smooth hummus and crunchy falafel provided a riot of textures and flavors.
– Yasmin Khan, Zaitoun: Recipes from the Palestinian Kitchen, “falafel”, “Bethlehem”

best falafel dinner ever


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